Prima Vert has been offering quality interior landscape design, consulting, tropical plant maintenance services and sales since 1995.

With proven expertise, Prima Vert supplies a cost-effective and hassle-free way of creating a beautiful environment in your home or office.



Get solid advice on individual plant selections as well as suggestions on which type of arrangements and groupings would best suit your space.

Prima Vert can recommend plants for specific environments, such as low-light areas.



Consult with Prima Vert and let us create an imaginative design. We can develop, implement and manage a planting scheme that will enhance and transform any space.

Prima Vert will install a contemporary design with regard to your company's colour, plant and potting box preferences.



Prima Vert provides dependable and reliable care for your plants. Let our technicians take care of the cleaning, pruning, repotting and watering responsibilities of your tropical and sub-tropical plants.

Get excellent customer service and flexible maintenance schedules.

Order from a vast selection of plants, planting boxes and pots. We can help you make a selection that is best for your environment.

We create beautiful seasonal and specialty displays for reception areas, atriums, lobbies and other spaces. Order a fully decorated Christmas tree or arrangements of lilies to welcome in the spring.

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